Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jakes Boathouse ReUnion - 30 years - Thanks everyone

Just recently on Sunday January 24th Dinny arranged to have a reunion at Jake's Boathouse in Brampton, owned by Mike Cuttle for 30 years.

Mike was celebrating his 30th year in business and was bringing in some of the old entertainment he had had in the past. Dinny happened to see the advertising and went to see Mike about bringing back the band that started the Trad Jazz there. Mike gave him the opportunity and he was able to round up 5 of the originals plus 7 other musicians. They were nothing but the best who still play around town with different bands. The musicians were very helpful in getting this reunion together with Dinny. It was a pleasure to play with them. The attendance was fantastic. We had a turnout of 114 fans. This pleased all of us very much and the music was a complete blast. It will long be remembered. We were fortunate to have Ross Wooldridge as a guest.

Thank you musicians and fans for your total support and Mike Cuttle for giving us the chance to bring the old music back to Jake's.

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