Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinny's live jazz CD recording - Take 2

Well it was quite an upsetting weekend.  Friday (24th April 2009) the first part of the Live Jazz CD recording went great at The Brogue and I believe the recording there went well.
Saturday (25th April 2009) started off great but the big storm hit the area around Kitchener very bad and all the power went out after the band had played their 3rd piece.  Everyone just stood there in shock and could not beieve what happened.  It went out at 4.20pm and did not come back until 6.50pm.  After we all composed ourselves the band got playing again to entertain the fans for the rest of the afternoon in the dark. They all stayed and applauded Dinny for picking up and starting again.

Due to time constrains the only thing to be done was to reschedule.  So we are going for Take 2 and will be recording the rest of the CD on the 9th May 2009 in Kitchener from 4pm onwards.

Big thanks to all our fans for your support, staying with us in the dark and helping to keep our spirits up.  Hope mother nature gives us good weather for the next recording session.  Look forward to seeing you all again then.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Really Excited

Getting really excited now, only 15 days till the recording session for the new Dinny and the Allstars CD.  Would love to see you at the pre recording party at The Brogue Inn, Port Credit, Mississauga 8pm onwards.

If you Order the CD before the recording date (25th April 2009) and before the cd is released you can take advantage of the special rate $15.00 Cdn  so don't be shy place your order today.

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