Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Jazz Gig, at a well known jazz club in Kitchener

12th May 2012- Saturday 2-5pm 

Last Jazz Gig  - come join Dinny and the All Stars

This is the very last gig for our bands at a former Kitchener Jazz Club.  We are inviting any musicians to come and join in with us for a jam session in the last set and to sit in with our band.

This has been a special venue for us for amany years. Many of you will know that we recorded our CD there in April 2009.  You can read all about our recording adventure here ;  Dinny's live jazz CD recording - Take 2

It is a sad day for all of  Kitchener jazz fans, We are moving to a new location. The Legion just up the street, in Waterloo. We are honoured to be playing for the last day there and would really like to see a good farewell.

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